AA #10 - Reskinning 70 apps and using marketing ninja tactics

About This Episode

Brandon Epstein is a successful appreneur that used his app Ninja Marketing Tactics to get 70 apps up and going, to create “money machines” as he calls them that ultimately created freedom of time and location for him to do whatever he wants.  


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Key Points

  • Brandon and I talk App Start-up, and lean ways to get apps to market successful
  • Brandon tells us how he got started in the mobile industry from a car ride with his buddy
  • He also discusses the “re-skinning” game, and how he got there
    • Timeline of development process
    • Going fast and LEAN vs PERFECT
  • Hardest lessons learned
    • Working with off-shore developers
    • ROI with first version, data driven changes
  • The type of apps that Brandon niched in, and why
  • The biggest lesson Brandon learned in his experience working with Developers
    • Be Clear, and why that’s important
  • We dig into Brandon’s NINJA MARKETING TACTICS for launching your app
    • Book cover example
    • Keeping everything as simple as possible for the user
    • Cross promoting
    • Translation
    • Keywords
  • We discuss app monetization strategy and experimentation
    • Brandon provides some examples from his experience
  • 1 Big Marketing Advice Takeaway
    • Decision making, and how and why it’s important
  • #1 Ninja Marketing Tactic
    • Keywords


Rapid Fire Questions

  • Put more emphasis on the idea or execution, and how would you way each, and why?
    • 15% Idea, 85% Execution
  • Biggest learning lesson?
    • “The importance of not skipping any steps”
  • Favorite Business Book
    • App Empire – Chad Mureta
  • Favorite Marketing Resource
    • Sensor Tower
  • Favorite digital resource
    • Tech Crunch
  • What is your favorite app?
    • 8Tracks
  • Coolest thing Brandon is working on
    • ZenDudeFitness.com


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