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How I went from "small town" emu rancher to helping thousands of online entrepreneurs build a mobile app and life they are proud of.
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Before fearlessly creating a sought-after mobile app company… Before curating and hosting a top-ranked mobile app business podcast… And before directing and leading 100+ mobile strategies for clients nationally… There was a "small town" emu rancher.

Intimidated by technology. 

Oblivious to a life calling so much bigger than ranching. 

Insulated from the speed-of-light pace of big cities. But he knew he had a calling to do more in life, even if it scared him to death. The unknown calling. The potential to rise up and create a mission-driven life.
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Emu Eggs, Painting, Mentors, & Several Pivots Made Along The Way...

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My transition from "ranch hand" to technologist was not an easy one.

Before I was 10 years old I was raising and slaughtering emus with my parents to make products like emu jerky, oils, and chapsticks to sell at local sporting events.

Not the sexiest start to entrepreneurship, right? I can literally relate to growing up in Jurassic Park. But I had experienced enough ranching to know I didn't want a career in manual labor.

My first mentor, Laurie Jones, taught me to "Start with what you know!"

By age 19 I'd done an array of odd jobs, and a fair amount of painting, so I tried "being my own boss" with an exterior painting company. And after that first summer of painting over 50 homes, and over 150 the next summer, I learned how to scale a service company. 

A mid 6-figure business right out of high-school. Not too shabby for my first go at it!

Unfortunately, I learned shortly after that my formula for a painting service company wasn't the blueprint for every type of service business. And unfortunately again, I didn't learn this lesson until being bled of all my cash and spending over a year making pivot after pivot after pivot trying to force it to work.   

I had a long ways to go still... 

Then, when I finally did “take the leap" in the technology industry, I was plagued by a chronic case of arrogance, shiny-object syndrome, and a misguided sense of “scaling” that made everything seem 1,000,000X harder to achieve than it should be. 

I discovered that building my own dream app business was NOT at odds with helping others achieve theirs.

I originally just wanted to create mobile apps to help people. But I found that my passion was enabling others to help even more people.

So I doubled down and learned how to do it at scale. I learned:

  • How to plan and validate a mobile app to improve people's lives and solve meaningful problems.

  • How to build a mobile app on time, budget, and scope to achieve your goals without burning everything you have in the tank.

  • How to master the app stores and win users' attention to establish sustainability for your app business.

I geek out on discovering the pieces to the puzzle, and creating a formulaic approach to piecing them together, so that you can repeat the success.

By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re willing to DO the work - you just want to make absolutely sure you’re doing the RIGHT work at the RIGHT time.

And feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off 100x.

So the question is...

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A Little About Me
Proud uncle to my nephew, Brixton Jay.
(He is pictured here, and wore it better...) 

Been on a podcast tour, hitting the major entrepreneur podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire with JLD. 

Can’t get enough of the TV show Suits. 

My first published book is Tactic Mobile.

Bananas foster is my specialty in the kitchen (PRO TIP: Use apple brandy and rum to make the caramel)

Becoming an amazing salsa dancer is on my bucket list, and I'm actively pursuing it!

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